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Beautiful Living By Design is about creating a life that enhances, honors and nurtures the relationship between you and your space. Our homes are called to serve the complexities of our busy lives but should also serve as a source of comfort, contentment and wellbeing. Creating a beautiful balance between functionality and wholehearted living helps to shape our world and bring greater enjoyment and value to our lives.


Our client’s vision for this project evolved after they originally purchased this 20-acre parcel, with the intention of primarily preserving the land. The 1920’s farmhouse also included a cottage and barn.

Transitional Kitchen, Buffet and Media Room. These clients had an elegant and modern home; however, they desired a larger island to improve the functionality and scale of the room.


Forrest J

Ashley was very resourceful and no nonsense regarding her approach to staging our house. It was a really great experience and eye opening as well. We have lived in our house for so long it was difficult for us to see beyond what was right in front of us. She revolutionized that point of view. She made sense of our clutter and made us feel great about what we were doing. She wasn't afraid to get dirty when we began our project and it really made an impression on my wife and I, which is why we instantly thought of her for our remodeling project. 

Nadine R

My producers and I overlooked the fact that we forgot to hire a set designer. On the spot, Ashley stepped in and transformed the bland room into the perfect scene for our show. With Ashley's touch the exuded warmth, sophistication and the perfect ambiance that could easily be captured through the video camera lens. By uniquely dressing the same room, she was able to provide us with 2 separate looks with items we had on the premise. Her eye for beauty and warmth is amazing and that transcends into her decorating skills. I cannot speak highly enough about the consummate professional Ashley is and I look forward to using her in future sets. 

Michelle R

Ashley’s process of getting to know us and asking all of the right questions enabled her to understand our style and then to create a design that was even better than we imagined. She was able to open up our existing space in a way that makes it feel like we added actual extra square footage.  It is light, elegant, functional and comfortable. The master bathroom is a dream come true - I feel like I am living in a luxury hotel! On top of her design mastery, Ashley’s understanding, warmth and professionalism were a welcome anchor during the stress of remodeling.

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