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These clients recently moved into this Lake Sammamish home which had a stunning view and serene neighborly setting. However, the home was dated and the floor plan was choppy and closed off with many antiquated wallpapered walls, which both blocked and distracted from the main feature of this home…the lake front view!


We decided to remove one of the walls in the main living area, which made the space feel more open and spacious, allowing for the natural beauty and light from the outdoors into the home. It was also important to our clients to keep the warmth of the Northwest but to also modernize the space. We came up with a great balance of stylish, sleek finishes but also incorporated warm, cozy and welcoming wood tones.


The Master bathroom was designed to maximize functionality for our clients storage and organizational needs. We took down the walls and reconfigured the floor plan and flow of the room by redesigning the closets, vanities and shower area. Since it is a shared area between husband and wife, we felt it was important to create a palette to have a nice mix of “rustic elegance”, making both the his and her space feel connected, stylish and pleasing. 

Stunning Waterfront




Complete Renovation





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