Meet Ashley 

I've always felt that everyone has their own personal story to tell with the way they live. In my eyes, a home showcases what's going on in our hearts and minds and plays such a big role in creating lasting memories with the ones we love. 

My eye for design began when I worked for the production department for the NBC Affiliate in Honolulu in 1994. While spending countless hours on set, I developed an eye for detail, cohesiveness and beauty, as every shot was used to convey its own message. It was my job to ensure that a scene was visually pleasing and picture perfect. I learned I could create a certain mood, style and feeling with light, color, texture and furnishings. 

Shortly after the birth of my daughter, I left television and became a realtor in 2000. I worked my way up to a luxury brokerage in 2003, where I refined the art of selling, decorating, and staging beautiful homes. As wonderful as it was to have the experience of luxury lifestyle, I found that the true essence and meaning of what made a beautiful home was more than the cost and look of its furnishings, it was the feeling within the walls of the home; love, comfort, connectedness, and family. I realized that there is much value placed on how people feel within their homes. Are they celebrated? Do they feel connected to each other and the environment? Does their home serve them and bring out their very best? 

My passion has been creating comfortable, desirable and beautiful spaces for people who welcome interaction and connectivity. Combining my television and real estate background, I have had the pleasure to work with clients to design, revitalize, and stage homes to not only meet their needs but to celebrate who they are and love. No matter what phase of life, there is always the need to feel the warmth and joy of being home.